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Beginner: Introduction to Martial Arts

Beginner classes promote self-discipline, self-confidence, courtesy and a positive attitude. These are smaller classes for ages 4-6,   7-12 and Teens/Adults, designed to introduce the fundamentals of Shido-kan Karate. Emphasis is placed on proper stretching, breathing, basic hand and leg techniques, stances, mat and pad work, and self-defense concepts.  The student handbook with an explanation of terms and dojo etiquette are covered.  Full GI (uniform) is mandatory.  

Beginner classes are required for all new students. The number of Beginner classes will be determined by Sensei Mitch on an individual basis. Upon completion of Beginner classes, the student will move to a Traditional Shido-kan Class as described below.

Traditional Shido-kan Karate Classes

Traditional Shido-kan Karate classes cultivate self-control, modesty, integrity, perseverance and positive thinking.  Classes are divided by age and by rank in some cases (intermediate or advanced belts for example) for ages 4-6, 7-12, Teens and age Adults.  These classes incorporate training in all hand and leg techniques, stances, kata, kumite, bunkai,  mat and pad work, and self-defense techniques, including throws and break-falling techniques. Participants will also receive stretching, conditioning and strengthening exercises before and during class, although the emphasis in class is developing karate technique.

 Friday classes are focused on point, contact and ground fighting techniques. Equipment is required for these classes - please see Sensei for details. Prior to attending Friday sparring classes, students are required to attend at least 8 age-appropriate "Sparring Skills - no gear" classes.  Full GI is mandatory. Youth are permitted to wear a Shido-kan of Mahwah Tee Shirt in place of their Gi jacket from Memorial Day to Labor Day in classes.

Traditional Okinawan Weapons Training

Okinawan weapons instruction is incorporated into  Black Belt Club Classes on a limited basis.  Expert instruction in all traditional weapons described below are taught by qualified instructors in  Weapons Classes open to Black Belt Club members and Yellow Belts (with Sensei Mitch's approval). Additional fees are required for these classes; Black Belt Club members receive a 40% discount. Enrollment is for 3- month periods on a continuing basis.


Traditional Weapons are:

Bo (staff)   Nunchaku (flail)   Sai (truncheon)  Tonfa (handle)  Eku (oar)  Kama (sickle) 


If interested, please call.

Fitness Classes for Adults are described on the Yoga Page.


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