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   Mommy and Me Fun and Fitness Classes

For Ages 3 to 4 years old



Please call Sensei Mitch at 201-818-5120 

if you have an interest in the Mommy and Me Classes. 

        Description of Program Activities

You and your age 3-4 child (age 2 1/2 to 3 years on a case-by-case basis) will be engaged in stretching and age appropriate  exercises, and your child will participate in obstacle courses, relays, tumbling, drills and jumping activities to improve their flexibility, balance and agility. Karate basic techniques will be  introduced to both parent and child in each class.  In addition to being a  cheerleader, you will help your child to follow instructions and provide encouragement to attempt new challenges and persevere.      

How the Program will benefit your Child 

Your child will learn to overcome the fear and nervousness of participating in          activities  which may initially be challenging and intimidating. In a structured environment, they will learn the  importance of following directions and cooperating with others by taking turns. Your child will learn the mechanics of body movement that will provide a valuable foundation for athletic success.     

        What to Wear and Bring

Both parent and child should wear loose comfortable clothing such as shorts and t-shirt that allow for full movement (girls, no skirts!) No jewelry should be worn (please leave at home or lock in your car) and hair should be pulled back and not cover the eyes or face. Classes will be conducted without shoes or socks. A drink machine is available at the school.






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