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Upcoming events, testing days, vacation and holidays - check back frequently for updates to this page - dates/events are subject to change.  For inclement weather closings, please call the school at 201-818-5120 for a recorded message and also check the home page of our website.

2013 Calendar of Events


May 24 Friday - No Karate Classes -  Memorial Day Weekend

May 25 Saturday - No Karate Classes - Memorial Day  Weekend

May 27 Monday - No Karate Classes - Memorial Day Weekend

May 28 Tuesday - No Karate Classes - Mahwah Schools Closed




Testing Day




July 4  No Karate Classes - Independence Day

July 19-21  Summer National Training Seminar in Lansing, MI with Iha Sensei, 10th Dan  


Community Service

Our Annual Fall collection for the Mahwah Center for Food Action yielded over 10 very stuffed full bags thanks to the $123 in penny donations from our students and food brought to the dojo.  We also contributed $100 in Shoprite Gift Cards.  Thank you everyone for your continued support to help those in need.

Thank you for bringing used shoe donations for Jordana’s Brownie Troop shoe drive - we contributed 4 large (trash-bag size) bags of shoes!!

Our 4th Annual Kick-a-Thon was held Sunday June 12 at Lenape Meadows School to benefit Japan Relief organizations. Donations are due back by June 30 to Shidokan Karate.  A total of 47,906 kicks were performed by 26 students!!  Total raised was $3000. Thank you everyone for making this important fundraiser a great success.


Our Third Annual St. Jude Kick-a-Thon was held April 24 2010.  A total of 27 students performed 41,140 kicks!!  Donations this year totaled $3500 brining our combined three-year donations for St Jude Children’s Hospital to $16,000. Our next Kick-a-Thon event in 2012 will be held for St. Jude.




We are very proud of all of our students who continue toparticipated in the State, Regional and National AAU Tournaments this past year, representing Shorin-ryu Shido-kan Karate. Congratulations on your dedication and hard work!  We have listed below our students who have received 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals at the National AAU Karate Championships.


2012 NJ State AAU Karate Tournament, Madison, NJ

Details to be posted soon!


2011 National Shido-Kan Tournament, Lancing, MI

Zackery Bauman      1st  Kata

Michael Delcher       1st Kata

Gabriel Kirshtein      2nd Kata

Kayla Girard             3rd Kata

Jon Barreto              4th Kata


2010 National AAU Karate Championship 

Amber Tiernan     2nd Kobudo

Victoria Koa         3rd Kata

Jonathan Koa       3rd Kumite

Jared Packman     3rd Kumite

Kelsie Erdman       1st Kumite, 2nd Kata

Joseph Desomma   3rd Kata & Kumite

Zack Bauman         1st Kobudo & Kata                         


2009 National AAU Karate Championship

Corey Girard        1st Kobudo, 2nd Kata

Kayla Girard         1st Kobudo

Dayna Tidwell       2nd Kata, 3rd Kumite


2008 National AAU Karate Championship

Zack Bauman        1st Kata, 1st Kumite, 2nd Kobudo

Ryan Desomma      2nd Kata, 3rd Kumite

Corey Girard        1st Kobudo, 3rd Kata

Kayla Girard         3rd Kobudo

Jon Reisch           1st Kumite







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